About Me

I have a passion for the arts and visual communication which has motivated me to pursue communication design as my career. Conceived in Golden, Colorado, as a child I had the opportunity to live oversees and attend French schools, which are notorious for teaching penmanship, the art of writing. As an exceptional design element, this pen and ink discipline has encouraged me to utilize typography as symbolic characters and imagery.

With the varied design software available, I take pleasure in creating design projects from sketches to final concepts. My media concentration in print has evolved to include my enthusiasm for web design with motion graphics, which is an unconstrained and exciting field.

As a visual communicator, I am inspired by nature's form and colors. There are several facets to my design approach that consists of eye-catching imagery—photo realistic or abstract, the aesthetic use of typography as imagery, and the brilliance of color as a design element. Seeking opportunities for design expression, I am concerned about world affairs and am dedicated to expressing current social issues in my design project endeavors.


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