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Elaine T. Valente Open Space Commemorative Sign

I designed, with my mentor, a commemorative sign for Elaine T. Valente Open Space, South Platte, Colorado. The photograph of the open space park was manipulated to adjust for placement of typography; as an example, the grass and sky were enhanced, a man was repositioned, and buildings in the background removed.

The photograph of Elaine T. Valente was colorized into a sepia duotone to unify the composition style. Many drafts were submitted for approval and revised for the client. The significance of this commemorative sign was to dedicate the open space to Elaine T. Valente, who was an active protector of open space. She was acknowledged as the first female commissioner for Adams County. I designed an appropriate plaque with flourishes using Photoshop, stating the dedication information.

The commemorative sign, with the dimensions of 36” x 24,” was mounted and was placed on the grounds of the Elaine T. Valente Open Space, South Platte, Colorado.

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