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TED2008 Conference

The theme for the TED conference, “merging minds” was determined by team members. This theme was to encompass the goal of the TED conference as gathering intelligent leaders from the world of technology, entertainment and design. I attempted to design an identity mark that depicts merging typography to enforce this theme. I was inspired by the USA channel logo for this TED2008 identity mark.

TED is a world leading conference that merges top-in-their-field participants to share ideas and innovations. The conference goal is to inspire individuals to excel in their field and to have an impact on world issues. A direct-mail poster was designed along with a program guide. The poster is folded in half and again in thirds for mailing. The program guide is 75 pages with sections of the schedule of events, speaker bios, venue, sites, hotel and dining accommodations. Duotone images were juxtaposed in the program guide to create cohesiveness throughout.

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