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Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival

The Rocky Mountain Balloon festival was the most exciting choice for a web design project. This project required my attendance at the Chatfield Reservoir event in Littleton, Colorado. Living across the street from the reservoir, I awoke at 6 a.m. to jog to this event along with two digital cameras to capture the balloons, I took many photos of the balloons inflating, ascending, and in flight. More than 50 colorful balloons ascended at this event, along with a beautiful evening balloon glow.

This website was created in Flash using motion graphics. An animated introductory movie was designed showing balloons ascending and in flight over the reservoir and my neighborhood. All the photos on this website were taken by me at the event. The best photo shots of this event were inserted in the web site. The main page of the Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival has motion graphics of several photos tweening from one to the other. Title sections, which are about us, schedule of events, all about balloons, balloon photos, and children’s corner, are shown vertically and tilt horizontally when the cursor is positioned over the section by the user. Circles were utilized in the composition design resembling the shape of balloons. These circles, tweening to ovals, are vibrant as they bring movement on the page. The light background colors of cream, green, and blue were chosen for design elements as colors of nature. Links are accessible to connect users to other pertinent websites and information about hot air balloons and the reservoir.

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