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Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust

Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust, (CCALT), requested a redesign of the organization identification mark and systems. Fifty sketches, derived from mind mapping concepts, were drawn that addressed CCALT’s goals. Further refined, images of plants and wheat were developed as symbols of land protection. Sketches of the sun, mountains, and wheat were, eventually, metamorphosed into the current chosen CCALT identity mark proposal.

CCALT’s mission is “ help Colorado’s ranchers and farmers protect their agricultural lands and encourage continuing agricultural production for the benefit of themselves, their families, and all of Colorado’s citizens.” The redesigned identity mark was designed with a unique imagery and earthy hues of gold and warm gray. A bright sun is illustrated in the symbol and the leaves of wheat are morphed into the mountains signifying the Rocky Mountains. The symbol referred to as “gold of the earth” illustrates golden fields of wheat, nourished by the sun. Another proposed redesign identity concept was created that depicts preservation of land. With different tints of a blue-green hue, the leaves represent healthy soil and nourishing agricultural fields. The roots in this symbol exhibit the conservation of land.

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