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29th Starz Denver Film Festival

The theme for the 29th Starz Denver Film Festival was “your seat is waiting” which featured Canadian film. Depicting the French influence for the 29th Starz Denver Film Festival, sketches were chosen and further developed. To suggest action, I added “the edge of...” to the theme “your seat is waiting.” The maple leaf from the Canadian flag was juxtaposed in the composition to reenforce the Canadian theme. To draw the audiences’ attention, large fields of vibrant colors were positioned as rectangles in the background. The images, representing a man and woman, were manipulated with stroke thickness to resemble the font stroke weight. The font family utilized in this 24” by 36” poster was chosen for its curvilinear strokes. In reverse, the Starz’ identity marks were placed, for legibility , at the bottom of the design composition.

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