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11 Songs by Suzanne Brewer

An excellent solo pianist and composer, Suzanne Brewer writes thought-provoking lyrics and sings with an impressively beautiful voice. I purchased Suzanne Brewer’s first CD at a coffee shop in Santa Cruz, California. The CD cover and content were, at that time, hand-written with a photo of her in black and white. When contemplating this CD design project, I decided that a delicate flower was the best representation of Suzanne Brewer’s pleasing music. A sunflower was scanned and manipulated to signify the richness of her music.

I titled Suzanne Brewer’s compact disk (CD) “11 songs” which was the original title. Listing those 11 songs with the lyrics, photos of Suzanne were juxtaposed in various positions. In an earthy duotone, the sunflower, signifying her beautiful love songs, stands out throughout this small CD pamphlet. The CD shows the sunflower petals with the center of the flower cutout. The image of one flower reflects Suzanne Brewer’s personal style.

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